Taste Washington Wine Month Pt 2

Taste Washington Wine Month Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. Welcome back to March, or if you prefer, Taste Washington Wine Month … back after a three-year COVID postponement.

Chris Stone, interim Executive Director at the Washington State Wine Commission, says it feels good …

STONE … “So, 2020 didn’t happen, ‘21 didn’t happen, and then ‘22 didn’t happen because there were just too many questions and the right thing to do was just wait until it was safe. So, now we’re in ’23 and now finally, we’re coming back.”

Stone says, the big event, the Grand Tasting in Seattle this weekend, should look pretty familiar …

STONE … “I think we’re going to see more wineries this year, maybe because of the new partner, maybe because it’s been three years since we’ve done this so some increased demand.”

But, Stone says, the food offerings may have improved …

STONE … “One of the things they bring to the table, the new partners, is a very impressive culinary side of things. They’ve recruited just an incredible roster of restaurants and chefs. So, I think we’ll see a significantly enhanced culinary side of the event.”

The Grand Tasting, Stone says, IS the big event …

STONE … “Yeah, the Big Grand-daddy, yep. That’s again, down at Lumen Field Event Center. So, it’s the same venue and, like I said, about 230 or so wineries, maybe a touch more than that. And, at last count, I believe the number is about 70 restaurants.”

For everything you need to know about Taste Washington Wine

Month, the different events and this weekend’s Grand Tasting, go to www.tastewashington.org .

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