How to Get Involved with Certified Agriculture Dealerships

How to Get Involved with Certified Agriculture Dealerships

If you’re looking to get another work truck but aren’t sure who to trust with your investment, Pat Driscoll, CEO of Certified Agriculture Dealerships, wants you to check out their network of trusted dealers.

“Certified agriculture dealerships really brings a familiarity to the truck world for farmers and ranchers. When they buy a tractor, they're working with an agricultural business. When they buy an implement feed seed, whatever it is, that's an agri-business, and that's never really existed in the truck dealer world. And so the whole point of this was to create that kind of an environment for farmers and ranchers in the, in the truck dealer world. And, and so in order to be a certified ag dealer, they have to go through our training that we as farmers and ranchers created so that they know us, understand us, appreciate us like any other agribusiness, and are prepared to serve us.”

And if you buy your truck from a certified dealer, you can get some return on investment by participating in their Ag Pack program.

“If you buy a $50,000 truck and you save your farm $30,000 because of that purchase, you just had a 60% return on investment with that truck purchase. Now the, the final piece of this is, uh, ag truck So what we've done is we've built the online inventory of all of our certified ag dealers nationwide. So a farmer can go to ag truck, they can register and get their Ag pack ID number.”

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