Northwest Cherries and Inflation Pt 1

Northwest Cherries and Inflation Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with today’s Fruit Grower Report. With all the challenges hitting agriculture over the past couple of years including labor, weather, transportation to name just a few, they all contribute to the higher costs of everything.

Northwest Cherry Growers’ President BJ Thurlby says inflation has been rough on cherry growers over the past few years …

THURLBY … “Very much so, because cherries are, because of their seasonality, they’re very much seen by a lot of consumers is kind of a very unique seasonal, maybe even I’d go as far as to say a luxury item. So, that’s got me and our growers a little bit nervous.”

Especially, Thurlby says when you go into the grocery store and start comparing prices of the different fruits and vegetables …

THURLBY … “What we saw last summer was a very common price point for cherries to the consumer was $5.99 a pound. And I could show you hundreds of ads that we’d pick up that would have, cherries at $5.99 and then, right next to it, grapes at a buck-ninety-nine.”

And those price differences for consumers, Thurlby says can really affect the decision-making process …

THURLBY … “I mean, and any cherry grower will tell you, the great thing, and a cherry thing, is very different production-wise, but when it comes down to the consumer, you know, my wife for instance, she loves grapes, she loves cherries, but if she sees a $4 price spread, we’re probably going to be eating grapes.”

Tune in tomorrow for more the impact of inflation on Northwest Cherry Growers.

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