David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
As the new year approaches, I’d love to offer insights and predictions from leaders in modular and hydroponic farming, Freight Farms. This past year, vertical farming continued to grow – showing strong potential amidst uncertain/changing climate conditions and supply chain shortages. Freight Farms is working with Biosphere 2, the lauded experimental research facility and its team of scientists, to explore new ways of growing food as environmental challenges increasingly threaten the global food system.  

On the heels of a chaotic year for farming and agriculture, what is ahead for 2023?

Freight Farms can provide insights on the following ahead of the new year:

Data + AgTech trends

Vertical/hydroponic farming evolution predictions

Climate impact on the future of farming

Greatest challenges facing the farming industry in 2022 (and 2023)

And more

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