Breaching Dams Pt 2

Breaching Dams Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Breaching the dams on the lower Snake River is still the focus in the final report that came out recently from NOAA Fisheries.

But, Northwest River Partners Executive Director, Kurt Miller says he’s very disappointed in how NOAA Fisheries has apparently decided to put this report together …

MILLER … “Right away that seemed, kind of, very biased and not very scientific and, if you actually read the report, it’s not a scientific report or certainly not a study. They call it like a consensus report which just basically means they asked their friends, you know, what’s the right outcome?”

This is not, Miller says how the NOAA Fisheries he’s familiar with typically goes about their business …

MILLER … “You know, it’s really disappointing because NOAA Fisheries, for years and years, it really relied on really good science and a lot of important research and things like that. You know, we saw this as a step in the wrong direction kind of politicizing the agency.”

And that, Miller says can have intended and unintended consequences …

MILLER … “It isn’t good that they did that and, of course, that report is weighing heavily now as the Biden Administration is threatening to negotiate with plaintiff groups on what it’s recommendations are for the dams.”

Miller worries this report could have a bit of an influence on the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and says it’s concerning and something they’ll be keeping an eye on.

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