Where are we headed

Where are we headed

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
A young man named Austin Smith with a small  trucking company in the PNW posted a Tik Tok video on the plight of trucking companies that haul everything that keeps you alive…food, clothing, medicine and so on. and really helps us understand the plight not only they are in but our Country. My son Austin who sells farming equipment also explained how worried farmers are about even getting diesel for this harvest season not alone how they will pay for it. As reporters you are on the front lines, your programs create awareness and educated people can impact the government for change. The story must be told.


I need to get something off my chest… I generally refrain from talking politics, and especially making political posts, however I need to say this.

What I’m going to post is real, not somebody that a friend’s, cousin’s, sister’s, neighbor has happening to them…

I own a small trucking company, and this is what the fuel crisis is doing to our country… so this directly affects me, you, our children, our country.

Today I filled up my truck to deliver products that help keep our country fed. When I filled up my truck, it cost me $1,149.50. This is ONE truck, for ONE day of fuel. I own three. So for one day of operation, it’s costing me $3,448.50. (Yes, we use a full tank of fuel every single day, sometimes more than 1 tank per day)

My trucks generally run 5-6 days a week, so we’ll just estimate on the low side and say 5. That’s $17,242.50. Last week was over $20k for ONE week, that I have to pay out of my pocket to try and keep not only my children fed, but those of my employees, and our country.

Mark my words, we are on a downhill slide to the worst recession our country has ever seen. If you don’t believe me, I implore you to do your research.

Trucking companies are going under left and right. (Literally hundreds weekly) If you’re not aware, what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, what you’re living in, what you’re driving, what you’re reading this on, was delivered by a truck.

If something drastic doesn’t change in the next few weeks/months, I promise you, you’ll see empty shelves everywhere you look.

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