David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Report Exposes Meatpacking Monopoly’s Fake Shortages During Pandemic

Heavy lobbying of industry-captured government harmed workers and emptied grocery shelves, while meatpackers increased exports and profits

Washington, DC — The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis released a blockbuster report revealing the devious and unethical underpinnings of meat corporations' lobbying efforts in the early months of the pandemic. Based on 151,000 pages of documents, calls with meatpacking workers and union representatives, and briefings with officials, the report details the extent of the meatpackers' influence over the Trump administration, which enabled them to reap record profits and increase global exports while endangering workers and causing needless retail shortages.


This report has  been rebuked by cattle organizations including  BEEF Daily. You can read their full rebuttal attached

Meat industry calls report “disservice” to the nation as it was one of many industries learning how to deal with COVID


We seem to be in a war against ag that is focused on  making  farming and ranching obsolete.  We should be creating awareness on  issues, individuals (think Bill Gates ) and Organizations  that are anti production - ag, anti-livestock. Our dairy producers and organizations feel about the tragic baby formula shortage and the interesting timing of Bills  investment in lab-manufactured formula.  Beef is next.

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