LCD in 2022 Pt 1

LCD in 2022 Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, It may be a new year, but “Little Cherry Disease” continues to spread at an alarming rate and without swift action, many believe it will continue to attack more and more orchards.

That’s according to Northwest Horticultural Council president Mark Powers who says it can’t be overlooked …

POWERS … “Clearly it’s a threat. We’re trying to get a handle on exactly how much acreage has come out or what the impacts on production are.”

But Powers says it won’t be easy …

POWERS … “It’s a moving target, in part, because of the nature of the disease. You don’t even know, necessarily, some trees have it for a couple of years until the symptoms show up and, in the meantime, it’s spreading.”

Powers says they’re working to get funding through the appropriations process ...

POWERS … “In the Senate side of the bill, which Senator Murray was instrumental in achieving, there’s $2.5 million set aside for LCD and, in part, that goes to fund an entomologist position at the Wapato lab here, which is critical, as we know. One of the vectors, or the vectors are leaf hoppers. And then, in additional $2 million would go to research.”

Which, Powers says will be used well …

POWERS … “Between ARS and WSU that would fund Little Cherry Disease-specific research in addition to other programs that are already in existence in the Farm Bill.”

WSU will help Washington cherry growers test more trees thanks to a Washington State Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant.

Tune in tomorrow for more.

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