Helping “Good Guy” Microbes Boost Your Soil

Helping “Good Guy” Microbes Boost Your Soil

Haylie Shipp
Haylie Shipp
On the surface of the this great Earth is – dirt. Let me rephrase that. Soil. And while what’s on top might not look all that exciting to everyone, it’s the wild west below.


Soil microbes, like bacteria and fungi, continually slug it out for food and dominance. Some of these microbes are bad, but many are good since they aid in tasks like the transfer of crop nutrients or pest control.


Today, a way to help out the good guys.


Pamela Mayo, a Product Manager with Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, “Zypro is an enzyme that helps basically kickstart strong root growth in the plant. It optimizes that soil microbiral community; what naturally a microbe would do in the soil.”


Happy soil, happy plant.


“By doing that, it also will help boost nutrient uptake to the plant which creates the opportunity to not only feed that plant with those nutrients that it’s now making more readily available, but it’s creating a more stress-resistant plant and improving overall growth and yield.”


And, Pamela says, it’s a product that can really be used across the board.


“Our label has it for row crops and tree crops and vine crops as well as field crops, turf, pasture use, and ornamental use. So really in Florida and in the Southeast as well, we use it on just about everything.”


Zypro, she said, starts working immediately and continues to perform for up to 60 days.

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