Rodeo queen sisters

Rodeo queen sisters

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.

“My name is Megan Taber and I am 16 years old.”

“My name is Moira Taber and I’m 20 years old.”

“So, we are both rodeo queens, and I’d say that a fair number of siblings do it, but I think we definitely take our own spin on it,” said Megan Taber.

Moira and Megan Taber grew up on their family’s place just outside of Shoshone, and taking the kids to the local fairs and rodeos was a regular event.

“Moira of course admired the beautiful queens at every rodeo she ever went to and she wanted to be just like them,” said Amie Taber, Moira and Megan’s mom.

“Those girls were so kind to me and I just looked up to them, they were such an inspiration. Really that’s what sparked it for me, and then come to find out later on that my mom did rodeo queening when she  was younger, and the growth that she experienced through that, it was something that I really wanted to get into,” said Moira Taber.

“At the time Moira was terribly shy, she wouldn’t speak to strangers, she had a very difficult time talking to people, carrying on conversations, and that is one of the foremost important roles of a rodeo queen is to interact with the public, interact with the audiences,” said Amie Taber, Moira and Megan’s mom.

“I was so shy as a kid that she knew that for me to want to do this I had to want it enough to be willing Vto give up that shy and be willing to put myself out there in front of people and let them get to know me. So, it became a deal that we made, she I will let you do this and I will support you 100%, but you’re going to bring your side of it. You’re going to have to become an extrovert, put on your extrovert boots is what she used to tell me,”said Moira.

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