Ag beating the odds

Ag beating the odds

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
There were so many bright spots in Idaho’s 2021 ag economy despite all of the challenges presented by drought, Covid, supply chains, export disruptions and government payments. One of the biggest positives was exports. Ag Economist Garth Taylor from the University of Idaho addressed Idaho's legislators.

“This year we had record exports from the state, and over 25% of that is agriculture exports.”

“Our biggest trading partners are Canada and Mexico.”

“And we produce a lot of wheat and a lot of dried milk goes out of the United States to these export markets.”

“In the long run, Paul what you’re going to see, the health of agriculture in the State of Idaho is going to be dependent on the strength of the export market.”

Taylor said he expects and increase in beef exports in the future.

“Beef in China is becoming the number one protein. It’s surpassing pork, and it’s becoming the big thing that we’re going to export to China.”

 And looking ahead to next year?

“The calendar year in 2022, Oh! It’s ugly. Expenses, we cannot even buy Round-Up now. It’s not available. Fertilizer, we’re looking at… some farmers are telling me often prices are 2 or 300 dollars an acre to cover these expenses.”

Despite that, he says this year has shown the resilience of Idaho Agriculture.

“In a year like this, when every possible thing that could go wrong with Idaho agriculture did go wrong… and yet broke records.”

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