Poultry and Swine Assistance Deadline Extended

Poultry and Swine Assistance Deadline Extended

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett

Turkey, chicken, and swine producers in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia have more time to sign up for a pandemic-based assistance program.

The Farm Service Agency has decided to bypass the original September deadline to give producers more time to get their information sent in for the USDA’s Pandemic Livestock Indemnity Program

Ducheneaux: “ We’ve extended the September deadline to October 12th.”

Farm Service Agency Administrator Zach Ducheneaux told the USDA’s news service this will give everybody more time to get their application in

Ducheneaux: “ ..and do a little extra outreach to help get to those produces who maybe are underserved.

The program offers assistance to eligible swine, turkey, and chicken growers who suffered losses during the pandemic largely because of a breakdown in processing capacity.

The payments apply to the farmers’ costs of depopulation of those animals between March 1st and December 26th of 2020. Ducheneaux says farmers can contact their local FSA office for information and assistance with applications. Producers can also go to Farmers.gov to learn if they are eligible and to find the PLIP application portal.

October 12th is also the application deadline for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2, CFAP 2. That’s for agricultural producers impacted by COVID-19 market disruptions.

Oct. 15th is the deadline for the Pandemic Assistance for Timber Harvesters and Haulers.

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