Deacade of Agriculture

Deacade of Agriculture

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
This is the final episode in our series called the decade of agriculture where Idaho Governor Brad little said this

At a recent celebration in which Idaho Governor Brad Little declared 2020-2030 to be the decade of agriculture in Idaho, Erin Fitzgerald of the US Farmers and Ranchers Action had this to say:. 

“Idaho is truly leading and being part of this national movement,” said Fitzgerald. “I want to talk about what a Decade of Agriculture really means. This is the greatest challenge of a generation. We will have to be able to provide food, fiber, and renewable energy harvested on our land over the next 30 years and we need to feed and nourish the coming generation. We have heard this before, but this truly is a monumental challenge.” 

Fitzgerald says US Farmers will need to grow as much food as we have since the dawn of mankind all 8-thousand years to feed the world in the coming decades. 

“This unprecedented scale requires a level of innovation and commitment not unlike going into space for the first time or traversing the ocean. When you think about the innovation of the future, we can imagine the technology leaps in healthcare but with agriculture, it's something else. We will have to innovate with mother nature and each harvest season we must get that much incrementally better. It is a challenge to get it right,” said Fitzgerald. 

DairyWest CEO Karianne Fallow says Idaho Farmers are up for the challenge. 

“And here’s a great example. Consumers around the world are continually looking to us for a solution. It's one of the biggest problems facing our world. We really are posed to doing great things. To build our ag community all comes from the demand of our consumers,” said Fallow. 

That demand from consumers is projected to double and triple every few years…and this Decade of Agriculture could bring an unprecedented wave of innovation to meet demand.

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