AgButler APP

AgButler APP

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.

Farmers and ranchers can access an app called AgButler through the iPhone App Store, Google Play or through the AgButler website. Ag Butler Founder and CEO Kevin Johansen, a farmer himself says the goal is to help farmers and ranchers source quality, experienced labor, easily.

“We typically scroll through our contacts in our phone or word of mouth in your local community, but being able to see a profile that shows the individual's strengths, and experience in the past really validates that labor. And so, producers and feel more comfortable and extending that job offer to those individuals.”


Johansen says the app platform was built by farmers and ranchers for farmers and ranchers.

“All of us involved have a direct or current connection in agriculture, three of us are actively farmers and ranchers ourselves, we have a great connection with ag communications, brain strategy through the ag manufacturers and suppliers, as well as grassroots organizations.”


He adds they are working to expand the reach of AgButler to help all of rural America.

“We really want to make it not only just on demand labor app, but we want to make it a marketplace for farmers and ranchers can come to and get all the necessary information and details they need to make their operations more efficient and more productive. And then as we expand out through 2021, ee really want to focus on involving all of agriculture and not just mainstream agriculture. And we really don't want to just focus on agriculture, but we really want to focus on the rural community so we hope to expand this marketplace to really facilitate as a tool to help revitalize really economic development and rule opportunities.”


Learn more about AgButler online at

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