David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
Multiple Sugarbeet Hybrids Available as Planters Roll

If growers are still looking for sugarbeet seed, Betaseed’s sales agents have been working hard on seed deliveries.

Rob Gerstenberger, Betaseed sales manager, said there’s a solid supply of seed for add-on acres with a few hybrids.

“One would be 1703, which is a non-nematode variety, and it did really good last year and yielded well . It has the disease package growers need for cercospora. We never quite know what the weather’s going to be and how active disease is going to be this summer.”


There are also two nematode-resistant varieties: 1606 and 197N. “If a grower has nematode pressure in their fields, we’ve got it.


Gerstenberger said there’s a new variety with a CR+ trait.

“It’s a KWS trait that we’ve added into our hybrid—the variety is 1941—so we have some of that available for growers who need or want to try a variety that can help them reduce sprays.”


In trials, the amount of sprayer applications can nearly be cut in half.

“It should be a big help for growers going into the summer, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what this variety has to offer us.”


Betaseed remains dedicated to taking COVID precautions seriously when out delivering seed.

“We are still being vigilant and trying to be cautious about the disease, and our sales agents have done a good job of keeping their distance and communicating with our customers to guarantee protection for sales agents and customers.”


Betaseed is looking for growers to monitor the 1941 hybrid throughout the season. If you’re interested or would like to plant these varieties, contact your local Betaseed sales rep

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