National Grange on Gallup Poll Pt 2

National Grange on Gallup Poll Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. A new Gallup survey of the most positively viewed industries ranks farming and agriculture at the top, followed by the grocery and restaurant industries at 2 and 3.

National Grange president, Betsy Huber says the pandemic brought the ESSENTIAL nature of our food supply chain to the forefront …

HUBER … “I think this is a great time to increase that effort to show how essential they are and how much they do care and that they’re the original conservationists. It’s a great, great opening for that kind of message.”

Part of that message, Huber says is that farming isn’t for the faint of heart …

HUBER … “You have to love the job to be able to do it because, you know, no vacations, work dawn to dusk. It’s a hard job and you really have to love it because you don’t get rich farming.”

And, Huber says there are just too many variables, like Mother Nature …

HUBER … “Sometimes it just takes a storm, a wind-storm like they had in Iowa, or hurricanes or tornadoes, or just all kinds of things that nature throws at you to destroy all the work that you’ve done for a whole season. It’s a tough job, but people that do it love it. That’s their life.”

Listen tomorrow for more on the Gallup survey and opportunity it’s created for farmers to demonstrate just how ESSENTIAL they truly are.

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