Ag Startup Engine Looking For Early-Stage Agtech Companies

Ag Startup Engine Looking For Early-Stage Agtech Companies

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
It’s time for your Farm of the Future Report. I’m Tim Hammerich.

Much of the boom in ag technology has been fueled by venture capital. So what are these investors thinking about the future of farming?

Iowa-based Ag Startup Engine recently announced they have increased their investor-member base and are planning to invest in up to 45 startups over the next five years. Executive Director Joel Harris says they are looking for companies that can 10x other solutions in key areas.

Harris… “So if that's 10x efficiencies; if that's faster, cheaper, whatever it is. I mean, when you're investing in these early stage companies, it's really gotta be almost these, you know, moonshot or home run type approaches.”

One area he sees ripe for opportunity is in precision livestock.

Harris… “I'm really excited about precision livestock applications having their turn. I think that's been kind of a simmering thing for the last few years. And I think you're going to see a lot more of that from, you know, both the nutrition companies or the animal pharmaceutical companies, as they look at some of these digital solutions to augment their biologics or drugs or whatever else that they the more - tangible things that they offer.”

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