New White Mold Fungicide for Peanuts

New White Mold Fungicide for Peanuts

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.


Georgia and Alabama are two of the top peanut-producing states in the country, with the Peanut capital of the world residing in Dothan, Alabama. Peanut growers across the southeast might be interested in a new fungicide coming from Valent.


Excalia is a new fungicide from Valent that is offering peanut growers better control of white mold. The fungicide also works with apple crops in reducing diseases like apple scab and rust diseases. 2021 marks the first sales year for Excalia, which currently isn't registered in Florida.


Quyntin Brandt is a marketing manager for row crops with Valent and explains how Excalia, when applied multiple times each year, helps reduce white mold issues.


"What we are very excited about for Excalia is that it's gonna be a very powerful white mold control. Just to help the farmers prevent the yield loss that is caused by the challenging disease. One thing we are excited about with Excalia, is that even under heaviest of disease pressure, Exclaia is still performing very well. "


Quyntin also explains how Excalia is a powerful tool when added to an existing IPM strategy and adds an extra layer of confidence for growers.


"A white mold fungicide is really critical for growers to have confidence. And we feel that with the demos we were able to have out here, Excalia really offers that confidence that growers really rely on for their season-long control."

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