NK Seeds Field-Forged Series

NK Seeds Field-Forged Series

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I'm Trevor Williams.

NK Seeds is releasing a new series of high-performing corn and soybean hybrids later this year. This new lineup, called the Field-Forged Series, offers growers with 10 Nk hybrids, as well as 20 new soybean varieties. Two of those hybrids have shown strong performance in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Joe Bollman is a corn product manager for NK Seeds and explains why growers should be excited about the new hybrid lineup, which is the highest performing series of corn and soybeans NK Seeds has released.

"When we look at growers and performance. Performance is a driver in everything. It's got to be backed by sound agronomics and rapid producer development and technology use. That's really what the Field-Forged Series does for both crops. It's our highest performing series in the corn and soybean lineup as well as outstanding agronomics to handle the challenges that the farmers are going to see year in and year out. "

The series was launched last week at Commodity Feedback and received great feedback.

"This is something we've been looking at for a number of years. Really now is the right time in bringing out proprietary genetics as well as the performance we've taken in the corn portfolio."

The Field-Forged Series will launch later this year. For more information on the NK Field-Forged series, go to NKFieldForged.com, or contact your local authorized retailer about NK corn.

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