Gebbers Farms Fined Pt 3

Gebbers Farms Fined Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. In spite of an infection rate lower than the public at large, Gebbers Farms is facing $2-million in fines from the State for violating coronavirus safety regulations in the workplace.

But, 12th District Representative Keith Goehner says it appears Gebbers was doing everything right …

GOEHNER … “Given the size of the operation, the commitments they’ve made to the safety of their workforce, you know, they had safety officers that were monitoring people’s physical health and doing all the things that they were required to do, and yet, to end up with fines being assessed like this, it’s not really a fine that encourages corrective behavior because it’s almost the kind of fine that puts people out of business.”

That two of their workers died from COVID, Goehner says doesn’t mean Gebbers was negligent …

GOEHNER … “Realistically, when we look at what the issues were surrounding those deaths, I don’t see how you can specifically attribute anything that Gebber’s did or anywhere in their work environment that they were contributing factors to the deaths.”

Goehner says it’s easy to simply point fingers …

GOEHNER … “There shouldn’t be the assumption that it’s not happening. I mean, there should be more of an investigation and, I guess, a reliance on the good faith of the employer to provide that safe work environment. And, I don’t believe that we’ve seen that from the Governor or his staff at this time.”

Officials at Gebbers are trying to decide whether or not to appeal the fines.

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