Potato Expo Virtual Pt 1

Potato Expo Virtual Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. The potato industries’ biggest annual get-together is the Potato Expo. And this year, thanks to the pandemic, it’s being held virtually.


But, the National Potato Council wants you to know, it’s not too late to take part.


CEO Kam Quarles would love to see its popularity continue to grow…


QUARLES … “Starting from its inception over a decade ago, Hollee and the team have grown Expo into a 2,000-plus person event, which is terrific. And, we were hopeful that we were going to build on those numbers this year, but obviously the coronavirus and the crisis had other ideas so we quickly pivoted and now it’s an entirely virtual event.”


And, Hollee Alexander, Vice President of Industry Relations, says they’re ready to get it going …


ALEXANDER … “We’re excited about this opportunity to be able to continue to bring the potato industry together at the beginning of the year to kick things off.”


And after researching some virtual formats, Quarles says they feel like they’ve picked the right one …


QUARLES … “We’re utilizing a platform that I think people are going to really like the capabilities that this has. There will be an entirely virtual trade show component in addition to some terrific keynote and breakout speakers that we have.”


The Potato Expo runs next Tuesday thru Thursday.


Tune in tomorrow for more on the Virtual Potato Expo.


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