Produce & Dem White House and CFAP-2 Deadline Nears

Produce & Dem White House and CFAP-2 Deadline Nears

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your Agribusiness Update.

**At the transition to a new Presidential administration, industry lobbyists speaking at The Packer’s West Coast Produce Expo last Thursday gave their best hopes for a Democrat-led White House.

Industry leaders said important issues include immigration reform, expanded trade and continuing recovery from the pandemic, but admitting it’s too early to predict how Biden will tackle those challenges, or if he’ll be successful.

Western Growers CEO Dave Puglia told, President Trump brought a mixed bag of uneven results for the industry in trade and immigration.

**With markets for crops and farm commodities continuing to fluctuate due to the pandemic, farmers have just a few weeks to apply for federal aid from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program-2.

CFAP2 offers aid to farmers of a wider range of crops that have seen prices drop and supply chains disrupted.

The application deadline for CFAP2 is December 11th.

**A majority of U.S. adults have a positive view of farmers' sustainability practices, and an overwhelming majority trust farmers, according to a new American Farm Bureau Federation survey.

The survey of 22-hundred adults found that 58% rate farmer’s sustainability practices positively, with broad agreement across demographics.

88% trust farmers, a 4% increase from AFBF's June polling, which is evidence the public recognized food supply chain challenges were not within the control of farmers and ranchers.

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