Wildfire Assistance

Wildfire Assistance

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. As information comes in about the damages caused by wildfires across the West Coast in Washington, Oregon, California and other states, farmers and ranchers are losing part of their livelihoods as well.

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse says work is being done to offer assistance even before the reach of the fires is fully known …

NEWHOUSE … “Oh, absolutely, there’s, certainly the immediate focus is on controlling the fires, but there’s a lot of wheels turning to be prepared for the damages that are being experienced by the farmers, ranchers, home owners, property owners throughout the area.”

And, Newhouse says they’re in conversations with all the necessary agencies to make sure the help is there when it’s needed …

NEWHOUSE … “We’re working with FEMA, USDA Communications, I’ve been those folks for almost a week now making sure that all the focus is pointed towards how we can help people recover, how we can assess the damages as quickly as possible and get the relief out the door as quickly as possible.”

Newhouse says there should also be other sources of aid if necessary …

NEWHOUSE … “There is conversation about putting together some kind of a disaster relief package as well.”

Newhouse says he’ll be heavily involved in those conversations, but that they’re also putting together a list of resources that should be available on his website very soon, if it’s not there already … at …


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