Sommlight Wine Podcast Pt 2

Sommlight Wine Podcast Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today’s Fruit Grower Report, I’m Bob Larson. A new podcast might be just the ticket for lovers of Washington wine. Five episodes of ‘Sommlight’ are out with many more to come.

Host, David Flaherty, with the Washington Wine Commission, says he interviews a different Sommelier or Somm each week while supporting the industry at large …

FLAHERTY … “I think it’s great for a lot of our wineries to get to know who these people are. These are the people on the ground 24-hours a day, banging the drum for Washington. So, for our wineries to get to see them, get to see their perspective on the business and learn from them helps build a bridge for when everyone is back traveling and they can go visit these people face-to-face. So, it’s kind of a great 360 of support.”

Flaherty says it’s really a Washington wine show with a little bit of everything …

FLAHERTY … “From its inception, we really wanted this to be a show that anyone can access, be you the biggest wine geek on the planet or just be somebody that loves wine in a more casual way. So, we’re really trying to make it a human experience.”

Flaherty says his 20+ years in the restaurant industry gives him the confidence to just ‘talk shop’ …

FLAHERTY … “Basically, each episode is about a 40-minute interview that we record via Zoom and then we let all the people digest all the digital content differently. Some like long-form, some like short-form, so what we’ve done is each interview gets spliced up in three different ways.”

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