Idaho Harvest

Idaho Harvest

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
It was a cool 58 degrees last week in Boise and the Treasure Valley and a cooler 55 in Poky and IF. Northern Idaho, 55…. WE had a cooling trend but we’ll have hot temps coming, Should be perfect farm weather for the weekend.

Corn still looking better with double digit gains over the week:

Sep 20 Corn opens at $3.25, up 10 3/4 cents

At the closing bell on Thursday, the domestic wheat futures markets were in the black. Chicago futures open the day 5 to 6 cents higher. KC HRW futures open up by 6 cents. Spring wheat futures rallied 4 yesterday. The weekly Export Sales report shows 357-thousand MT of wheat booked on the week.

Over in Burley :

- Soft White Wheat  $4.08 up 6 cents.

- Hard Red Winter  4.08 up 6

- Hard Red Spring  4.46 up 6

- Barley 6.25 up 25

- Hard White  4.08 up 6

Milk prices open up at $19.80 per hundred weight, losing nearly 4 cents over this past week. 

Cattle futures open 70 cents higher in the 2020 contracts. The deferred futures are down 12 cents. There are another 6 tenders against August futures yesterday, USDA notes light trading from $103 to $106. The bulk of the week’s trades are $104-$105 in the South and mostly $104-107 in the North. Feeder cattle futures open down by 30. cents.

All grades of Alfalfa hay in Idaho are steady. Theres been A lack of higher testing; new crop Alfalfa has stepped up demand. An abundance of feeder quality rained on hay has put pressure on the market for that commodity.

Supreme going for $189 per ton

Premium                  175

Good                        150

That's it for the Weekend market report,You can check out the market prices on the Idaho Farm Bureau web page

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