Hemp Financing

Hemp Financing

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
With California Ag Today, I’m Tim Hammerich.

Trying a new crop, such as hemp, can be an expensive undertaking. And for hemp growers, financing options are still limited. Netafim launched a new financial solutions program to not only help growers pay for new equipment, but all of the costs associated with designing and installing their drip irrigation.

Here’s Director of Marketing Ze’ev Barylka.

Barylka… “There is a lot of investment going into hemp. Hemp is not an easy crop to grow. You need machinery for harvesting. You need machinery for installation. You need to have crop management systems on board. It's overall a big investment. So we believe that helping growers, finance the drip irrigation systems that will help them to be more successful.”

Barylka says the program, which allows growers to pay for these costs over 5-7 years, is the first of its kind for the hemp industry.

Barylka… “There's other programs where you can finance the materials, but drip irrigation also entails installation costs. It also entails designing a system which also costs money, and we try to develop a financial solutions program that will eventually cover that all.”

You can learn more about the program, and Netafim’s PioneerLine irrigation system we covered last week, at their website at www.netafimusa.com.

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