Pecan Consumption is Up

Pecan Consumption is Up

Patrick Cavanaugh
Patrick Cavanaugh
Pecan consumption has increased dramatically since the industry Federal Market order was adopted 18 months ago.

There is about 6,000 acres of pecans in California and they were part of the representation of the Western Pecan Grower Association annual meeting in Las Cruces resently where California pecan growers gathered with growers from Arizona New Mexico and west Texas met.

The American Pecan Council Federal Marketing Order is doing it doing what it set out to do, noted Alex Ott, Executive director of the American pecan council

“In the last year, consumption has gone up 33 and a half percent, and then since the inception of 2016 pecans have actually gone up 12 and a half percent,”

said Ott.

In order to get the promotion going, they're working with many partners,. “Multiple partners, multiple outreach and we're doing the best we can to get the message out to as many people as possible,” he noted

Ott said that the American Pecan Council has had a clear vision.

“One of the biggest things is getting consumers to understand the importance of healthy snacking,” said Ott. “And that there is another nut out there that has health benefits. And so what we're trying to introduce to the consumer, that pecans are a good health, safety, wonderful flavor, nut for everyone to enjoy.”

And did you know that pecans are the original Super-Nut?

“That is what a pecans are known for,” said Ott. “And it was the original nut here, native to both the United States and Mexico. And so it is the original Super-Nut where all of the other nuts, no offense to my colleagues out there, but we were here first, we just haven't told the story,” Ott noted.

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