Joshua Dowell Wins California Farm Bureau Discussion Meet

Joshua Dowell Wins California Farm Bureau Discussion Meet

Tim Hammerich
Tim Hammerich
News Reporter
California Farm Bureau recently held their annual discussion meet competition. The event is a roundtable discussion in which four competitors at a time are given a question to be analyzed and answered as a group.

Josh Dowell, a Sacramento-based Account Manager for Phytech came home the winner of the $5,000 cash prize.

In the final round of competition, Josh and fellow finalists were asked to discuss how farm bureau can help farmers remain competitive with the advent of cellular-based food products.

Josh to summarizes the response he gave during the discussion.

Dowell…”I took it from the angle that cell based foods are very much like organic produce in the 1990s it's just the 2010s and cell based foods are really going to be crucial to feed an ever-growing world population because we're going to have so many people in Asia and India, that for every one American there's nine people there that are just becoming middle class. So cheap protein is needed and it needs to be affordable, and can be mass-produced. “

Josh went on to note the current cost of meat alternatives, saying that the only way these alternatives will be viable is if the costs can be lower than traditional animal agriculture. This level of efficiency remains to be seen.

As the California Farm Bureau Discussion Meet Winner, Josh will move forward to compete in the American Farm Bureau Discussion Meet on January 17th in Austin, Texas.

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