No Christmas Tree Shortage Pt 2

No Christmas Tree Shortage Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Don’t believe it … there is NO Christmas Tree Shortage this year!

Despite news to the contrary, while there is not as many trees as there were at the peak ten years ago, there are still plenty of trees for everyone!

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association Director Angie Smith says calm down…

SMITH … “There’s not going to be riots in the streets over the lack of trees.”

Smith says if you want a tree, you WILL be able to find one …

SMITH … “We are seeing that there is a tighter supply of trees. There’s not that same number of trees that there were ten years ago when we had a glut. So, people are recommended to shop early, but they will find a tree regardless.”

But, trees do cost a bit more this year …

SMITH … “We are seeing a slight increase in the pricing of about 3% to 5%. Again, I don’t think that that’s a dramatic price increase, but because of the tighter supply situation or just because of economics 101, there is a small increase in price this year.”

Smith says it’s time folks heard the real story …

SMITH … “No reason to worry. I’m concerned that the media’s perpetuation of these untruths will drive consumers to the artificial tree industry and I really hope that they will learn the facts and go buy a real tree.”

As the nation’s leading Christmas tree producing region, Smith encourages everyone to get out and buy local and keep our growers in business.

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