Cattlemen's Beef Board Pt 2

Cattlemen's Beef Board Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. U.S. Beef exports have been healthy the past couple of years and industry insiders expect that trend to continue with demand in several Asian markets expected to continue or expand.

But, Cattlemen’s Beef Board secretary treasurer, Hugh Sanburg says the domestic market remains strong as we do more with less …

SANBURG … “You know, we still have about 85% of our consumption is in this country and you look at the advances we’ve made, compared to the 70s, we’re producing as much meat today with a third less cattle so we’ve become very efficient in our production model, and we can continue to do that.”

On top of that, Sanburg says the Beef Checkoff is paying off …

SANBURG … “We just recently did our ROI for the Beef Checkoff and it showed a return on investment, for every dollar that we spent, was $11.91. I think one of the bigger items in that report, in my mind, is that without a Beef Checkoff our demand would have 14.3% lower.”

So, in spite of the challenges, Sanburg says the truth will win out …

SANBURG … “I think we just need to keep in mind is that with all the rhetoric around meat, sustainability and alternative products, that we have a product that has a single source. It’s beef, and that 3-ounce serving provides 10 essential nutrients, plus zinc and iron and B vitamins, beef is just a protein powerhouse for our consumer.”

Bottom line, Sanburg says the Beef Checkoff is supporting those initiatives to drive beef demand worldwide.

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