King County Farmer Pt 2

King County Farmer Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Spreading the good word of all the positive things going on in agriculture might be the biggest challenge facing the industry today. King county vegetable farmer Rosella Mosby is a member of the King-Pierce county

Farm Bureau and says they’re in the midst of a communications battle to “enlighten” those on the outside …

MOSBY … “I think also, we’ve had a lot of changes in how traditional journalism has worked and so exposure just within the media, especially how social media has played into that, we’re not getting accurate messaging, and so it’s a challenge.”

Mosby says like it or not, farming today goes beyond the field …

MOSBY … “I think farmers are really comfortable between their rows, (laughs) and it’s uncomfortable to get off the farm and have hard conversations with people who don’t understand what we do, but yet depend on what we do.”

A focused message, Mosby says is the key moving forward …

MOSBY … “And, it’s really time for us to kind of take a look, not at each other and what we’re doing or between organic and conventional or what have you, that whole conversation of picking on each other, but we really need to kind of look beyond our industry itself and battle the anti-agriculture folks who have agendas.”

Listen tomorrow for more on spreading the word and what it’s going to take in the years ahead with an ever-changing media.

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