Wolf Removal Ruling Pt 1

Wolf Removal Ruling Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I’m Bob Larson. Washington ranchers are encouraged after a Thurston County judge upholds the state of Washington’s policy when it comes to killing predatory wolves.

Superior Court Judge John Skinner ruled on November 1st that Fish and Wildlife standards are good enough and further scrutiny is not necessary.

But, Washington Farm Bureau’s Tom Davis says there’s still some grey area …

DAVIS … “The judge ruled on three and there’s a fourth court case that’s still outstanding, but most of them centered on the protocol that was developed by the department and working with the Wolf Advisory Group that I’m a member of.”

And, Davis says members of the advisory group come from varied backgrounds …

DAVIS … “This advisory group is made up of ranchers, of environmentalists, hunters, recreationalists, so a broad spectrum of folks that have differing opinions of wolf and wolf recovery.”

And, Davis says the established protocol for removing wolves was agreed upon …

DAVIS … “You know, the protocol wasn’t just how you kill a bad wolf, but it’s like when should wolves be removed from the landscape and what is the responsibility of the ranchers to take steps to prevent their livestock from being injured or killed.”

And, he says, the rules are followed …

DAVIS … “So, there are standards that are established that provides responsibilities for the rancher.”

Listen tomorrow for more on this ruling for the removal of depredating wolves and what it means moving forward.

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