Swore Farm

Swore Farm

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
At Swore Farms outside of Chubbuck, there's a chill in the air and it's the first day of hunting, pumpkin hunting.

Here’s Wendy Swore: “We’ve got about 15 acres of pumpkins with over 20,000 pumpkin plants and and there are so many nice huge pumpkins out there.”

Part of the hunt involves the tractor ride to the patch. Tom Brock and his son got up early in search of the perfect pumpkin.

“It’s fun. It’s one time per year.” And great father son activity, right? Oh, yes. You know, good bonding time. With the son. Too bad it’s not a little nicer. But it's Idaho.”

Michael Swore describes how popular his farm is. “I think we have about 20,000 people coming here to run through the maze and grab a pumpkin.”

“Pumpkin hunting is good at Swore Farm farm because there's a huge selection to choose from.

“We've got Jaren Del squash, Hubbard squash. We've got I think we have 10 different varieties of pumpkins from a softball size up to about 75 to 80 pounds.

And that means help and a lot of muscle.

“The pickings are amazing right now. We've got the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch and they can take a little wagon out there and get whatever pumpkins they want and then get a ride back over here.”

Swore Farm’s busiest season is post harvests in the form of agro tourism. And for tens of thousands of people outside of Chubbuck,

the chance to find pumpkins and visit a farm during the harvest season, the Swores found another way to make harvest pay.

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