Fresno Crop Report  2

Fresno Crop Report 2

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
We have reported on the record breaking crop report from Fresno County for 2018.

Overall the gross value of produce and livestock totaled more than 7.8 billion dollars.

To what do growers attribute Fresno County's record breaking 2018 Crop Report?

Ryan Jacobsen the CEO for Fresno County Farm Bureau and says in a word - water.

"2018 wasn't overly spectacular. It was actually a below average year. But what was spectacular was 2017 and we had plenty of carryover from 2017"

He says the available water supply was especially notable for two of the top ten crops. Onions and garlic tripled their value from the previous year.

76 individual crops each hit the million dollar mark in the report. That diversity is part of Fresno County's huge crop success. Most states don't come close to growing that number of crops.

The full report is available on the Fresno County website

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