Upsidedown Wines

Upsidedown Wines

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. There are many ways to approach life. Face to face or head-on, from the sidelines as an observer, or from the background picking up the scraps. But, one Oregon winery takes an inverted approach with the aptly named Upsidedown wines ...

KITZKE ... "So, it actually started with my parents. So, they did a wine back in the day for their wine club, an upside-down red, and it actually had like a picture of me snowboarding on it, upside-down."

So, Upsidedown winemaker Seth Kitzke says he decided to blend his two passions ...

KITZKE ... "So, I used to be like a semi-professional snowboarder and I'd travel and film for videos in the winter time. So, that's kind of where the name stemmed from and then when I started getting involved in the family business, I wanted to take it and put it into its own label."

Kitzke says they may be in Oregon, but Washington plays a big role in their wines ...

KITZKE ... "So, we are located in Hood River, down in Oregon. And then my family has vineyards Yakima Valley. So, a lot of our source-fruit is from Horse Heaven Hills and then a lot of estate stuff is from Yakima Valley."

He says they take a kind of old-school approach ...

KITZKE ... "We're very hands off so everything's like native yeast. We try and do as little acid and water additions as possible. So, we think about things like a little bit more traditional to, I guess like, old-world style winemaking where you just grow really good grapes and let them do the speaking and just do minimal intervention in the cellar."

Go to to find out more about their delicious wines and where to find them.

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