USDA Training Sessions Pt 2

USDA Training Sessions Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Four days of FREE training for anyone considering a life in agriculture, will be held at Columbia Basin College in Pasco next week, evenings, Monday thru Thursday.

The Center for Latino Farmers' Maria Giedra says it's got a little bit of everything ...

GIEDRA ... "It's one intense program. We do it over 20-hours at the college in the evenings to accommodate the farmer's work schedule. You know, we feed them, of course. We take care of them. They can miss up to one day and still get a certificate of achievement in United States Department of Agriculture, USDA agency knowledge."

But, the best part, Giedra says? ...

GIEDRA ... "And, you know, it is also free! All they have to do is register, call me at the office, register. You know, it is open, even for people that are considering getting into agriculture or even farmers that want to purchase more land. What is out there available?"

She says space is limited so registration is a must ...

GIEDRA ... "I can take up to 20-25, but after that, you know, I have to close down because that's the maximum capacity with the sectors we have, professionals coming all the way down from Olympia to present."

The 20-hour USDA-Programs and Services training session will be held evenings, September 16-19. Call the Center for Latino Farmers at 509-453-3157 to register.

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