Central Washington Livestock Reopens Pt 2

Central Washington Livestock Reopens Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. A new livestock sale yard has opened just outside of Moses Lake, giving Central Washington another option for cattle traders.

Central Washington Livestock reopened yesterday, August 14th after being shut down 12 years ago.

New owner, Tyler Morgan says it's a great location ...

MORGAN ... "We're kind of dead-center of the state and feel like it will be easier for the consignors, you know the owners, to get their cattle here. It'll be easier on the livestock because the trip isn't as long so there won't be as much strain on the cattle and the freight will be cheaper and, you know, it just saves everybody all the way around."

Morgan says the schedule calls for Wednesday sales ...

MORGAN ... "Yes, every Wednesday and we're going to start at 11 o'clock. And then, two times a year we're planning on a special horse sale, catalogued horse sale and we're going to have our first one of those in October. The first weekend in October will be our first horse sale."

So, do sellers have to let you know what they're bringing and how much? ...

MORGAN ... "Some people do let us know, which is great, but a lot of times it's just, you know, they show up and bring them. You don't have to pre-register or anything. You just load 'em and bring 'em."

And, Morgan says they'll also sell pigs, sheep and goats ...

MORGAN ... "We'll start with cattle and then we'll work through the cattle and once we get through those, we'll go to the pigs and then we'll go to the sheep, and then the goats we'll sell last."

You can find Central Washington Livestock on the north side of I-90, 5-miles east of Moses Lake.

For more information, go to centralwashingtonlivestock.com or call Tyler or Jaime Morgan at 509-830-2320




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