WAEF Scholarships Pt 2

WAEF Scholarships Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. 330 college-bound students will be sharing $1.1-million dollars in scholarship funds this year through the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

WAEF's Executive Director Jennifer Witherbee says most of the students are home grown ...

WITHERBEE ... "So, our student's parents primarily are employed in the tree fruit industry. This year, over 80% of our scholarship recipients are first-generation scholarship recipients, so the first people to be able to have the opportunity to attend college in their families."

And, She says it's been great to see each and every year ...

WITHERBEE ... "It's amazing what the industry has done in 25 years and, you know, of course we get to look back and see the impact. We've been able to work with over 2,000 students and they've received $9-million dollars in scholarships."

Witherbee says they'll get to celebrate later this month ...

WITHERBEE ... "We're really excited for the end of this month. We have our scholarship celebration luncheon coming up and not only will we get to celebrate our current group of students, we will be kind of taking a look back and celebrating the impact of the last 25 years."

And, moving ahead ...

WITHERBEE ... "We're forging forward and excited each year when we get to help a new batch of students and each year be able to help a growing batch of students."

For luncheon tickets or more information, just go to www.waef.org or call the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

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