India and Mexico Trade Pt 1

India and Mexico Trade Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Set aside the trade troubles with China, a couple of other significant matters have come up on the commodity front.

I spoke with U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse Thursday about the news this week that India is increasing its tariffs on Washington apples 20% from 50-to-70% ...

NEWHOUSE ... "You know, the decision by India to increase their tariffs on, I think a list of two-dozen, 28 different products, even apples was on that list, was not totally surprising. They've been threatening that for quite some time, but certainly it's unfortunate as it does make our apples less competitive in that market and that's become a huge market."

That's key given that India is Washington's third largest apple market behind Mexico and Canada ...

NEWHOUSE ... "Particularly as we have lost some of the market share in Mexico. But, now that the tariffs on aluminum and steel have been lifted, the proposed tariffs on Mexico, the president decided not to impose."

But, the good news on that front, Newhouse says, is Mexico's ratification Wednesday of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement ...

NEWHOUSE ... "And, with the ratification by the Mexican government, I think all those things bode well for us to make up for the, whatever we might lose in India and back in our more tradition market of Mexico."

Listen tomorrow for more on what these two recent trade matters could mean for our own ratification of the USMCA and potential progress on trade with other markets around the world.

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