Wine Research Awareness Pt 1

Wine Research Awareness Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. A bit of good news for the Washington wine industry as awareness of the state's unique viticulture and enology research program is growing steadily.

The Washington Wine Commission Research Manager, Melissa Hansen says they've been surveying wine makers and growers for the past few years ...

HANSEN ... "In the first year, when we took the survey, that was in 2016, I've asked the same question and it's sort of a two-part, and one is, are you aware of viticulture and enology research for Washington state wine industry? That's just kind of do you know that there is research done? And then, number two, the follow up question is, are you aware of the targeted research program that the Wine Commission has instituted in the last couple of years?"

And, Hansen says it's continued from there ...

HANSEN ... "And so, we had a benchmark in 2016 and there were about 40% of the industry that was aware that the Wine Commission had a targeted research program, and 85% now are aware that the Wine Commission has a targeted research program."

She says they're pleased with the numbers ...

HANSEN ... "It's up 60% from the first year, a big jump. And, I think it's indicative that it's a new program so everything we've done in the last few years been groundbreaking news for the industry."

Hansen says it's a message the Wine Commission is serious about getting out to everyone involved.

Listen tomorrow for more on the structure of the research program and who it may benefit the most.

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