Farm Worker Hotel Pt 2

Farm Worker Hotel Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Yakima valley farmers will soon have a new option for housing their seasonal labor force.

First Street Investments, made up of area farmers, is turning Yakima's 200 room FairBridge Inn and Suites into an 800-bed facility for farm workers. WAFLA Director Dan Fazio says they're assisting with hotel management ...

FAZIO ... "It's a beautiful facility in that it's got a big banquet hall, it's got conference rooms, it's got office space, it's got a bar, it's got a sundries store, and it's got the ability to feed these 800 workers. But, I would tell you that when they fill it up with farm workers, I think that's what primary goal is to have that turned into a facility for farm workers."

Fazio says it's a win-win ...

FAZIO ... "So, it's kind of a good deal for investors because we're sending people over to them, and a good deal for our members in that WAFLA members get a discount on the room rate and then first right of refusal on the rooms. So, that's kind of what we've worked out with them and, of course, we're going to have our staff is going to be there to help out if there's any issues or any problems with complaints, etcetera. We'll have staff there that will be kind of a liaison with the management staff of the hotel."

Fazio says WAFLA members get a discounted rate of $12 per night. He says a lack of worker housing has become a huge problem in Washington and WAFLA is excited to be part of this potential solution.

Call David Guzman at WAFLA for information or to secure a bed for your workers.

You can reach him at or (509) 440-2826

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