Dept of Labor Lawsuit Pt 1

Dept of Labor Lawsuit Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The pro-farming group, Save Family Farming sent a letter to Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta last week in order to bring attention to abusive actions by his agency toward farmers.

Director Gerald Baron says recent lawsuits don't seem to be in line with the administration's message ...

BARON ... "You know, we have a change in administration, so a change in leadership. But, the vast majority of the workers in these government agencies do not change just there's a change of leadership at the top."

Baron says that's why they suspect the DOL's baseless lawsuit filed last week against Sakuma Brothers Farms is being done under the radar ...

BARON ... "And because we see some of the activities coming out of the Department of Labor that look like they're in alignment with the union activists and what they're doing and the press release that we were complaining about submitted on February 27th for activities that date back five years ago, certainly seems to be part of a political alignment with the activists."

So, Baron says they're going straight to the top ...

BARON ... "We have appealed to Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta to say, please be aware of what staff people within your department are doing and how they are supporting what the activists are doing to try to put an end to the guest worker program."

Baron says the allegations in the suit appear to be in lock-step with those made in years past by anti-farming groups and activists targeting the guest worker program.

Listen tomorrow for more on the letter and the message behind it.

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