Spring Weather Outlook Pt 1

Spring Weather Outlook Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. March has arrived and that means Spring can't be too far away. So, that means we can start wondering what Mother Nature might have in store for Washingtonians in the way of weather!

State Climatologist Nick Bond says, in terms of snow pack, things are looking pretty good ...

BOND ... "Right now, the Washington Cascades and northeastern part of the state is in very good shape. Not quite as much snow as last year, where it was well above normal, but most places are right around 100% and there's more locations that are a little above than a little below."

Bond says the next couple of months, in air quotes, should be favorable for growers around the state ...

BOND ... "To the extent that the crystal ball can be seen into very far, it looks like the next month or so is liable to be on the cool and perhaps wet side. And, so we should continue to have actually growth in our snowpack."

He says this is a pretty typical weather pattern for La Nina winters ...

BOND ... "This is something that tends to happen in La Nina winters, like this one is, where the kind of winter lasts a little longer than it usually does. So, there's a sign that's going to be the case, but not for too long."

Bond says the March to May outlook for our moderate La Nina winter calls for higher chances of below-average temperatures across Washington state and also includes increased chances for above-median precipitation in eastern Washington.

Listen tomorrow for more on the weather outlook in the coming months.

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