Pallet Shelters for H-2A Workers Pt 1

Pallet Shelters for H-2A Workers Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. If housing your farm workers is on your to do list for the upcoming season, a new alternative may be right around the corner. Pallet Shelters is an Everett-based company that is waiting for final approval on their new fiberglass shelters ...

KING-1 = 17 ... "So, our shelters are highly portable and durable. They can be moved wherever you want, set wherever you want. They have a structural floor built into the base so you don't have to pour a foundation. That's a nice advantage for a grower to not have to do a bunch of prep-work. You don't have to run utilities or do excavation."

Owner Amy King says they're much sturdier and protective than tents, but just as simple to use ...

KING-2 = 15 ... "All of our units are small enough, under 120 square feet, that you don't need a permit so you can put them anywhere on your property and not get in trouble for it. They also have built-in beds and shelves so a lot of times, by H-2A standards, you have to have certain things for all the workers."

King says their original design was created for disaster relief, but it's their new H-2A shelters awaiting approval ...

KING-3 = 21 ... "We have designed, our two new units especially, have been designed specifically to meet H-2A requirements. So, all of the space requirements, the heat, the air conditioning, temperature control, all the things growers need to meet, we've designed our products to meet those specifications so you can be confident that you'll be passing inspection. We are in final stages of our DOH approval. We don't have that yet, but we expect to have it shortly."

King says final approval is expected with a month or so.

Listen tomorrow for more on these practical shelters.

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