Instagram Contest for Pears Pt 1

Instagram Contest for Pears Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. How do you Anjou? That's the title and hashtag of a fun social media contest put on by the Northwest Pear Bureau ...

JULIA SMITH ... "So, it's actually just on Instagram and Instagram is really easy. It's just photos and videos and people liking them and sharing them. It's a very simple platform so we're hoping that some people from Twitter and Facebook come over to Instagram to participate."

The Pear Bureau's Julia Smith says don't be afraid ...

JULIA SMITH ... "So, it's really simple. Users just take pictures of themselves or their Anjous, wherever they enjoy them. So, someone sent us, this morning, a lovely picture of just sliced Anjous and cheese in their kitchen and that's fine. And then, some people have sent us some at, like, volleyball games, at the laundromat, someone had carved one. So, it's really just a great way to document the fun you're having with pears and encourage enthusiasm for U.S.A. pears at this time of year."

Smith says she understands the reluctance ...

JULIA SMITH ... "I think it feels like it's another app that you have to download, but a lot of people are moving over because as complicated as the other social media platforms. It really is just visual which makes it a great place to be talking about getting outside, getting some exercise, eating some healthy pears."

You have until the end of the month and winners take home a North Face Day Pack and reusable, plastic pear protectors.

More on the timing of the contest tomorrow.

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