Pear Export Promotion Study

Pear Export Promotion Study

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Promoting Washington crops is an inexact science, and promoting them for export falls into that same school.

But a study commissioned by Pear Bureau Northwest last year was done to find out just how effectively those promotional dollars were being spent ...

JEFF CORREA ... "The Pear Bureau was one of six other groups that participated in this econometric study. We started out to look at the impacts of export promotions on exports and how effective, specifically, the Market Access Program is, which is the funding program we get from USDA."

The Pear Bureau's Jeff Correa says the study was a team effort ...

JEFF CORREA ... "Being able to pull all the groups together, Washington Apple Commission, Northwest Cherries, California Pears, California Cherries, and Florida Department of Citrus, we were able to also do an additional level of research looking at the regional impacts and the general equilibrium impacts of export promotions on local economies and the overall economy."

Correa says, overall, pears showed well in the study ...

JEFF CORREA ... "So, I think it does show pears do have a very positive impact on exports and, in particular, some of our better export markets, and then, I think even more importantly, you look at the impacts it has on the local economies in terms of job numbers and economic employment and also in terms of adding to overall production."

Listen tomorrow for more on the exporting of Northwest Pears with an uncertain global trade picture.

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