1-31 NWR Trump  Immigration Stance 1

1-31 NWR Trump Immigration Stance 1

David Sparks Ph.D.
David Sparks Ph.D.
This is your Northwest report for Tuesday, January 31, I'm David Sparks and the Northwest is reeling from the president's immigration stance. Headlining the Idaho Statesman, Hundreds protest trump order on immigration at Boise airport. From WRAL.com, Washington state's attorney general said Monday he is suing President Donald Trump over an executive order that suspended immigration from seven countries with majority-Muslim populations and sparked nationwide protests. Attorney General Bob Ferguson became the first state attorney general to announce a legal action against the Trump administration over one of its policies. "We filed a lawsuit today and I will let them explain what is happening in terms of the federal lawsuit we filed today. Here's National director of CAIR , the Council of American/Islamic Relations Nihad Awad. I am so blessed to be in the United States and I embrace America. America granted me that opportunity. Traditionally, we have been open and we have been careful about being open. We have not been reckless. There are national security agencies and law enforcement agencies who have been scrutinizing all these refugees. Donald Trump is hurting who we are as Americans. Therefore, the way I see this lawsuit, it is the law versus Donald Trump. It is the American traditional values of openness, human dignity and respect versus Donald Trump."

As we know almost all agricultural entities in the Northwest rely on immigrant labor so who knows where this is going to end up.

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