EPNIX Provides Feeding Program for Both Conventional and Niche Market

EPNIX Provides Feeding Program for Both Conventional and Niche Market

Global animal health company Alltech has a feeding program that provides a competitive advantage in feedlots and can be used for both conventional and natural feeding programs.

EPNIX is a product of Alltech's nutrigenomics and epigenetics research platforms and provides a targeted nutritional approach to improving the weight and performance of feedlot cattle without antimicrobial or beta-agonist supplementation.

Dr. Vaughn Holder Alltech's Research Project Manager for Beef Nutrition says the core this technology the total replacement of all inorganic trace minerals in the ration with Alltech's mineral technologies. Second part is conditioning and optimizing the rumen's function in both conditioning and finishing of the animal.

The third element is conditioning and optimizing systemic metabolism of the animal. Dr. Holder continues with more details.

Holder: "Just like a lot of anti-microbials might modify rumen function — we doing that by other natural and sustainable means to do that. We do modify microbial communities in that finishing ration rumen, and we are actually changing the rumen outputs of the animal. Basically the types of energy and protein coming out of the rumen are modified by this technology. That leads to the third section of how this works — that's by systemic metabolism. When you change what is coming out of the rumen, you change how the body actually produces and utilizes energy."

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