The Boutique Beef Business  "Beefs  Up" for Fathers Day

The Boutique Beef Business "Beefs Up" for Fathers Day

Susan Allen
Susan Allen
With the Agribusiness Update I'm Susan Allen. The boutique beef business "beefs up" for Fathers Day. Fox News reports that dad can have steaks delivered to his door from San Francisco based Niman Ranches who have created a network of farm and ranches throughout the country to source 100 percent Angus raised on a vegetarian diet free of hormones. Heritage Foods USA sells meat from only heritage breeds , which are typically old world, rare breeds from 75 family farms is offering Rib Eye Variety Pack for fathers which includes seven steaks from four different breeds including. Scottish Highland Cattle and Akaushi cattle, which originated in Japan. Association of Equipment manufacturers . While the global downturn in the agricultural machinery industry seems to have stabilized, global recovery is not in sight for the next six months and the sector may stay at current low levels, according to results of the latest Agrievolution Business Barometer survey. Looking at global industry expectations for single markets in the next six months, East Asia leads the ranking, followed by Africa. For North and Latin America, a majority of the survey participants expect turnover decreases.

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