Irrigation for Fruit

Irrigation for Fruit

Irrigation for Fruit. I'm Greg Martin with today's Fruit Grower Report.

Hortau, a provider of precision irrigation management systems and services for agriculture since 2002, is expanding its full line of products and services to the Pacific Northwest.. Aaron Voelker and Verlyn Burgers are the northwest reps for Hortau. Burgers says Hortau has been used successfully on fruit.

BURGERS: They're using this system in California is where they really grew the business and fine-tuned it before coming to the northwest so they've got a very successful program operating down there, big time in table grapes. They've had excellent results and also in blueberries. A variety of other crops, too. Some of the vegetable crops where there's really shallow root structure so maintaining moisture is pretty critical there.

Burgers explains what makes Hortau's irrigation system different.

BURGERS: Well it gives them an opportunity to have a program from Hortau that they can monitor plant stress and can manage it from the irrigation level. Basically that's what we're about is managing plant stress and we can do that by monitoring what's going on in the soil and the available water because Hortau's patented tensiometer acts like a mechanical root so it reads just like the plant does.

That's today's Fruit Grower Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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